If you are you looking for a particular brick to match a new or existing construction, we can match, source and deliver your bricks to exacting specifications.

Step 1 
Take a close up photo of your brick(s).

Step 2
Take a second photo of the brickwork.

Step 3
Measure your brick dimensions (width, length, height).

Step 4
Complete our online enquiry form

Let's get started

Provide us with some basic information about your project, your contact details and three photographs of the brick work. The photos should ideally be JPEG files taken by a digital camera or your phone.

Please make sure that you check everything before you hit the submit button as if there's an error, you'll have to re-attach your photos.

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The location can be approximate, but if a site visit is required we'll have to ask you for the exact location, so being specific in the first place is ideal – for example, let us know the street address and postcode of the property or development.

Your Photos

Attach your photos to the following fields

Get a decent close-up image of a single brick

Stand a few meters back and get a photo of a decent area of brickwork

Take a photo of one entire elevation of the property to best of your ability