Join Amanda Hills from Consilium who will invite guest speakers from some of the UK’s top manufacturers. The information packed series over the course of 15 events will cover Brick, associated building products, Cladding, Flooring and Roofing solutions. 

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Porotherm Clay Block

Porotherm is a versatile, high performance, precision engineered clay block wall system - listen to experts from Wienerberger deliver an on-line CPD seminar and learn about the advantages of this system.

Presented by Wienerberger

Dry screed, meeting modern day flooring needs

RIBA approved -Dry screed, meeting modern day flooring needs – Find out more about the alternative to wet screed systems, improve acoustic performance and boost underfloor heating systems.

Presented by James Hardie

Keylite roof windows

This CPD explores thermal performance – culture change, the gap, thermal bridging, condensation, heat loss in roof windows and improving thermal performance product innovations – roof window designs for the more efficient and smarter buildings with streamlined elegance real life projects addressing thermal performance specification advice, tools and support.

Presented by Keylite

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