Join Amanda Hills from Consilium who will invite guest speakers from some of the UK’s top researchers, scientists, engineers and technicians and manufacturers. The information packed series over the course of 2022 will cover Building sustainably, Green standards, Energy & Carbon, Health & Wellbeing, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Protection & Enhancement, Brick, associated building products, Cladding, Flooring and Roofing solutions. 

Our 2022 programme is designed to help you to develop your skills and knowledge around the mandatory core CPD curriculum topics to help you fulfil your core curriculum CPD requirement. .

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How to design, build, refurbish and operate sustainably

How to assess the sustainability of any built asset type throughout all lifecycles stages. BREEAM assesses how to design, build, refurbish and operate sustainably. Accounting for multiple sustainability factors of the build process including: Energy & Carbon, Health & Wellbeing, Resource Efficiency, Environmental Protection & Enhancement and Resilience amongst others, to effectively score with an industry leading certification benchmark for better buildings.

Presented by BRE

Movement in Masonry

Design and installation of movement joints within masonry (clay brickwork, aerated and aggregate block) whilst ensuring compliance with the appropriate regulations.

·        the different clay types within the UK and their influence on the global expansion rates

·        the different block types within the UK and their influence on the frequency of movement joints

·        areas of BS 5628 part 3 and PD6697 that relate to movement in masonry

·        the frequency and design detailing of vertical movement joints for horizontal movement

·        the frequency and design detailing of horizontal movement joints for vertical movement

·        the difference between re-strained and lightly re-strained masonry in terms of movement joint frequency

·        how to reduce the number of movement joints in a structure

Presented by Forterra

Building to green standards

Home quality mark (HQM) provides impartial information to assess the UK Residential Market, to showcase a home’s quality and sustainability. HQM has been designed with the occupant in mind and it’s outputs are specifically aimed at those living in the home, to ensure the asset is designed for performance and to better inform the occupant about the benefits of the home that they are purchasing or renting.

Presented by BRE

The History of Clay Tiles in Roofing

The History of English Architecture is intertwined with the use of clay tiles with varying periods of popularity. 

This CPD looks at the roots of traditional heritage roofing and then moves forward to consider the modern challenges associated with the heritage roofing and product selection. 

The talk then highlights how designers can recognise potential issues and minimise the risk of damage associated with heritage roofing. 

Presented by Keymer

Combining Technology with Tradition

Clay is a highly versatile and durable construction component that alongside stone and wood, is one of the oldest and influential building materials on earth. This seminar looks at the history of clay in roofing and how this impacted and shaped modern roof tiles. The manufacturing process, roofing legislation and the different types and formats of clay tile are considered.

  • The history of clay roofing
  • Cultural influences on roof tile design
  • The roots of modern roofing
  • Clay tile use in Britain
  • Technological impacts on roof tiles
  • Modern clay roof tiles
  • Contemporary products
  • Services and support
  • Roofing legislation

Presented by Keymer

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