Consilium facades announce exclusive partnership with KASSO

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Consilium facades announce their exclusive partnership with KASSO, a global supplier of Architectural metal cladding.

The deal means that Consilium Facades are now the sole UK distributor of KASSO expanded mesh, perforated panels and bespoke architectural metal solutions and can supply the whole range of Kasso expanded mesh and perforated panels. The range is available in powder coated or anodised finishes

such as Water Ripple, Bubbles, Anatolian, Archy, Spots or Crystal as well as bespoke treatments.

Protection, Sustainability, Recycling, Aesthetic Quality

More and more in modern architecture, environmental impact and safety are rightfully being considered as essential.

Kasso’s range of cladding materials now combines indispensable aesthetic needs with eco-compatibility and energy efficiency.

Ecologically-sustainable material

Kasso also continues it commitment to limiting environmental impact in all processes through the responsible use of resources, differentiated waste collection and recycling, and keeping energy consumption low, aiming for production in equilibrium with the environment.