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How to construct with Wild Stone

Stone panelling system

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We shot this video on a sunny day on site in Bideford North Devon to show you just how easily and quick the panels can be laid with a little bit of practice and basic equipment.

Wild Stone is a complete, high performance, wall and paving system that can be used for external or internal applications. Available with natural stone, engineered stone, brick and paving veneers weighing as little as 50KG/m2.

Wild stone can be applied to Concrete, Concrete block, Brick (concrete or clay) or suitable cement based building board.

Basic Equipment

– Slow speed mixer (or appropriate drill &

mixing paddle) a large mixing bucket.

– Stone cutting water cooled table saw (or

angle grinder with appropriate diamond

blade) 12mm notched trowel.

– Pointing trowel.

– Rubber mallet.

– Spirit level drill.

See full installation instructions here https://www.wild-stone.co.uk/downloads