Former Dairy in keeping with tradition

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Former Dairy in keeping with tradition

A blend of stones was required to create the look of the traditional stone walls found all over Torbay as the Old Stonycombe quarry is no longer providing walling stone, hence ‘Torbaydos blend’ was born. But the new walling also hides a more environmental approach to stone traditional stone walling as real stone slips are used in place of larger pieces of stone. This has two main advantages, firstly it uses a fraction of the stone as the slips (typically 1.5/3cm thick) are just used to face the wall and secondly the wall can be laid in a fraction of the time without the need of a skilled stonemason. The finished product is in keeping with tradition and will last just as long as a traditional stone wall.


Old Dairy (Former Dairy Crest Depot) 48 Apartments and 7 houses


Lymington Road, Torquay


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