Green glazed brick house Green glazed brick house

What’s not to love about glazed brick

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Glazed bricks are bricks which have been coated with a layer of ceramic powder that vitrifies to the brick body when fired at high temperatures.

Glazed bricks are an excellent choice for construction projects as they can withstand a wide range of weather conditions, including extreme temperatures. They are also very low maintenance. Over time, glazed bricks have evolved to become an attractive design element that can add personality and aesthetic appeal to any building project.

Glazed bricks, originally popular in Victorian and Edwardian eras for interior and exterior design, are experiencing a resurgence. They offer a wide range of colours and a vibrant, contemporary aesthetic to construction projects.

Glazed bricks can be laid much the same as traditional bricks meaning they can be easily blended with their less vibrant cousins allowing Architects and designers to experiment with bond patterns, orientation, and mortar colours to add extra style to their designs.

Glazed bricks can be used across an entire exterior facade or used selectively to highlight specific features.

Project illustrated - The Green Wing

Design by InGrain Architecture - Bricks supplied by Consilium

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