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Rainscreen cladding has been used for centuries to protect buildings from the elements providing flexibility of design and minimal weight loadings with the ability to transform the aesthetics of both new and old buildings.

Consilium can provide a variety of modern cladding materials and finishes including glass, ceramics, and a plethora of metal finishes; patinated copper alloys, coloured steels and Zinc’s. We can help guide you through the myriad of choices to suit your design, budget, performance and finish requirements.

Ceramic rainscreen cladding

Highly versatile modern façade solution available in a huge variety of colours and textures, ceramic rainscreen cladding enables you to achieve a variety of finishes to complement your design.

Made entirely from natural materials, ceramic cladding can achieve both contemporary and traditional finishes reproducing the natural beauty and appearance of hewn stone such as granite or marble. The material is light, UV radiation resistant and completely impermeable.

Ceramic rainscreen cladding does not absorb airborne contamination or dust, nor does it support algae growth. It is exceptionally durable and strong, and free from the flaws that can weaken quarried stone. Other benefits include easier on-site handling and installing, resulting in a faster, cost-effective operation. An innovative material, it is the choice of architects who want a proven, engineered solution with known performance.

Rainscreen cladding providing flexibility of design and minimal weight loadings with the ability to transform both new and old buildings.

Terracotta cladding

Terracotta cladding is made from natural materials that provides a distinctive character with the proven durability and simple beauty of clay.

The manufacturing process also has minimal negative impact on the environment, making it a popular option for sustainable new build projects. More economical to manufacture than other rainscreen cladding, terracotta is also the choice for architects who want a lightweight, cost effective finish.

Stone cladding

Available in numerous textures, finishes and thicknesses to suit a variety of applications. From standard to lightweight options that utilise thin veneers of stone bonded onto a variety backing panels; honeycomb aluminium, ceramic and concrete, dependent on the application and design requirements.

Light weight systems can reduce the weight of the stone cladding significantly saving structural costs but is typically more expensive than natural stone finishes. 

We will ensure that the most appropriate material, system and fixings are selected to guarantee structural compatibility with your design.

We'll guide you through the myriad of choices to suit your design and budget

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