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Where ever you look, throughout the UK facing bricks have been used to construct houses, factories, offices and many other buildings. In fact, facing brick is a major construction product in UK, with its origins dating back many centuries.

In the last decade we have seen the resurgence of brick within the UK market place. Architects have embraced the use of facing brick and incorporated a traditional product in modern and contemporary designs. 

Consilium work with both UK and European manufacturers to bring the widest range of facing bricks to the market.

We narrow down your search, collect samples, manage pricing and deal with logistics and quality control on site

Brick matching

If you are you looking for a particular brick to match a new or existing construction, we can match, source and deliver your bricks to exacting specifications.

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Take a close up photo of your brick(s).

Step 2
Take a second photo of the brickwork.

Step 3
Measure your brick dimensions (width, length, height).

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Complete our online enquiry form.

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